Mission Statement

The Psychology Department at Edgewood College has as its mission helping students develop a critical knowledge of and skills in Psychology as a Science and Psychology as a means to promote human welfare.

What is a psychology major?

When you're in college, the first question asked is "What's your major?" If your reply is psychology, the next comment you might hear could be some variation of "What! Psychology? You can't do anything with a major in psychology! You'll have to go to graduate school."  

As psychology majors, we heard the same thing, and now as faculty members we still hear these comments. Interestingly, they are usually from people who don't know a thing about the field beyond what they may have learned in an introductory class. Or better—their source is "that's what I've heard." If you are a psychology major, you know better than to believe "what you hear." If you're interested, take heart; there are many interesting careers that a degree in psychology prepares you for. It is as valued as any liberal arts degree and you have the advantage of some training in research!


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