Timothy Babler

Associate Professor, Psychology

Timothy Babler
DeRicci Hall 110F
(608) 663-2376


My research specialty is visual perception, with special emphasis on the visual guidance of complex actions. Over the last 20 years, I have conducted research concerning visual-vestibular interaction, automaticity of visual processes, development of infant visual perception, spatial sampling of motion, and visually-guided interception of moving objects.

At the University of Wisconsin-Madison, I worked with Professors Sheldon Ebenholtz, James Dannemiller, and William Epstein. At Edgewood College, my current research project concerns the visual information utilized during pursuit of free-falling objects (e.g., catching fly balls). Brian Babler from the Space Astronomy Laboratory at University of Wisconsin-Madison is the primary collaborator in the project.

Much of the research involves computer simulations of approaching projectiles with observers making decisions about the expected landing location of the object. The research goal is to isolate the optical variables that are guiding the observer judgments about what direction to move and how fast to run in order to intercept the object before it strikes the ground.