Undergraduate Program


The psychology major seeks to assist students in developing a critical knowledge of psychology as a science and psychology as a means to promote human welfare. These goals reflect the College’s mission and identity statements, which promote educating students for meaningful professional lives of service and a lifelong search for truth.

The General Concentration provides the opportunity for students to cover the broad field of psychology and choose coursework more flexibly based on interest. This is an excellent choice for students who are interested in research, or any of the diverse fields from which a bachelor’s degree in psychology is a stepping point.

The Clinical/Counseling concentration explores the major theories of personality, abnormal behavior, and psychotherapies. It also provides students with solid background for graduate programs and pre-professional clinical work with individuals from a wide range of backgrounds.

The Human Services Concentration provides pre-professional experience in social work or human services practice with diverse populations, with the goal of effecting social change for the benefit of vulnerable or disadvantaged individuals and families.

The Substance Abuse Counseling concentration satisfies the educational requirements for Wisconsin Substance Abuse Counselor Certification. It educates students in the assessment, treatment, and prevention of substance abuse problems utilizing the Biopsychosocial Model of Addiction.

All undergraduate psychology majors must complete at least one internship.