Research Participation Opportunities

Student conducting research with another student

Current Studies (more Fall '21 studies coming soon)

Relationships and Problem Solving

You are invited to participate in a research study about how you feel in different relationships. This research will be conducted using an online survey tool. You will be asked some basic demographic information and to respond to questions about your relationships with close loved ones. You may be asked to share a picture from your life as well. You will then complete a couple of problem-solving tasks in which you identify connections between words. Throughout the study you will be asked to report how you are feeling. Most people can complete this survey in approximately 35-40 minutes. 


This survey is anonymous and your name will not be recorded and your pictures will not be used in data analysis. After completing the survey, Edgewood College students will have the opportunity to obtain course credit or be entered in a drawing for $25 Dane Buy Local Gift Certificate.  


If you have questions about the research after you are done, you should contact Ashley Holland, at


You are invited to participate in a research study investigating potential associations between VR experiences and physiological responses. All participants will be presented with multiple Virtual Reality environments to freely explore. We anticipate that you will experience some of the environments as less pleasant than others, including some environments meant to induce discomfort. You will be allowed to enter and leave as your own preference indicates. Prior to your Virtual Reality session and afterwards, you will be asked fill out questionnaires related to your demographic information, experience of anxiety, and your experience in the Virtual Reality environments. Additionally, participants will be wearing sensors on their hands, clavicle, and lower rib cage, and a Virtual Reality headset. All materials will be sanitized or disposed of between uses. Please wear loose clothing to your appointment. The experiment session will last about 30 minutes.

Due to the nature of the experiment and the equipment used, people with a history of the following risks are not eligible to participate: seizures, claustrophobia, panic disorder, strokes, epilepsy, and traumatic brain injuries. Must be at least 18 years old to participate. Please wear a face mask to your session.

Please note that all research procedures will be following COVID safety guidelines as determined by the Institutional Review Board, this includes the use of disposable equipment when possible and sanitization of reusable equipment.

If you are interested in participating in this study, please contact Lauren Kane ( to schedule a session from the times listed above.

Monday 2:00-3:00

Tuesday 2:00-3:00; 3:00-4:00; 4:00-5:00; 5:00-6:00; 6:00-7:00

Wednesday 2:00-3:00; 3:00-4:00

Thursday  2:00-3:00; 3:00-4:00; 4:00-5:00; 5:00-6:00

Saturday and Sunday times available too