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Virtual Reality and Multisensory Associations

You are invited to participate in an experimental research study in which we are investigating multisensory associations between sound and color. 
Participants will draw pictures in response to music as well as view videos with musical imagery either in Virtual Reality or on a computer screen. Since this study utilizes Virtual Reality technology, only people without a risk of seizures are eligible to participate. Participation in this study requires meeting in person at the Edgewood College Psychology Lab (DOM 119) and will need to be scheduled ahead of time. This study will take approximately 30 minutes. All data will be kept confidential. Participation in this study is voluntary and you will be able to withdraw at any time during the study. 
If you would like to participate in this study, please contact the following investigator with the times that would work best for you.


Mondays after 1pm
Wednesdays after 1pm
Fridays after 4pm


Tonia Gokey (